The Liver Meeting® 2021



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Alcohol-associated Liver Disease SIG: Disease Burden and Disparities of Alcohol-associated Liver Disease (ALD) in Special Populations

Cholestatic and Autoimmune Liver Diseases SIG: Overlap Syndromes: A Special Interest Group Update

Clinical Practice SIG: Common Challenges in Clinical Hepatology and Liver Transplant Practice

Hepatitis B SIG: HBV: Expanding HBV Treatment Criteria, New Biomarkers and Cure Updates

Hepatitis C SIG: Optimal HCV Treatment Approaches to Achieve Elimination

Hepatology Associates SIG: Advances in Management of Liver Masses

Hepatotoxicity SIG: Blood Coagulation in Drug-Induced Liver Injury-Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

Liver Cancer SIG: Advances in Molecular Therapies and Emerging Treatment in Advanced HCC

Liver Cell Biology in Hepatic Diseases SIG: Gut-Liver Interaction on Liver Disease

Liver Fibrosis SIG: Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Developing New Treatments for NASH Fibrosis

Liver Transplantation and Surgery SIG: Evaluating Disparities in Access to and Outcomes of Liver Transplantation

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease SIG: Precision Medicine in Evaluation and Treatment of NAFLD

Pediatric Liver Disorders SIG & Acute on Chronic Liver Failure SIG - Part I: ACLF: Definitions, Precipitants, and Management of Renal Failure and Part II: Management of Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure in Adults and Children

Portal Hypertension: Clinical and Experimental SIG: Controversies in the Screening and Prevention of Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension

Public Health/ Health Care Delivery SIG: Behavioral Health Services: An Unmet Critical Need for Chronic Liver Diseases (CLD)