Clinical Practice SIG: Best Practices in Clinical Hepatology

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Recorded On: 10/22/2017

Identifying best practices in the difficult management of patients with liver disease in the community outpatient setting is an important topic in clinical hepatology. It is particularly important to look at the approach to patients with non-alcoholic liver disease that are not  candidates for research studies, the management of portal hypertension and portal vein thrombosis, and outpatient intervention and monitoring of patients with cirrhosis and renal insufficiency. The emphasis of this program is to provide tools for community practitioners to develop management strategies for better patient outcomes. Speakers will review a multidisciplinary approach to these problems and demonstrate the benefit of working in a team that — according to the problem in question — may include surgeons, oncologists, hematologists, nephrologists, interventional radiologists and nutrition experts.

Kris V. Kowdley

Mitchell L. Shiffman

Marcelo Kugelmas

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