2023 Webinar: LDLT Donor and Recipient Evaluation: Medical, Surgical, and Patient Perspective

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This webinar is part two of a two-part series which focuses on the evaluation of donors and recipients for complex LDLT cases with input from hepatology, surgery, the living donor, and the recipient. Attendees of this webinar will gain the unique perspective of the considerations at play when determining the suitability of a donor and a recipient for a complex living donor liver transplant procedure. Additionally, attendees will gain a better understand of the patient perspective of being evaluated to be a living donor, being considered as a recipient of a living donor liver transplant, and the post-donation course from a prior living liver donor and her recipient.

Originally presented on June 8th, 2023

Presenters: Benjamin Samstein, MD | Deborah Bandaruk | Kimberly Schadt
Moderator: David Goldberg, MD


Webinar Recording
Open to view video.  |  60 minutes
Open to view video.  |  60 minutes