2023 Webinar: Immune Tolerance in Chronic Hepatitis B: Mechanisms, Management, and Controversies

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Hosted by: Hepatitis B SIG

Our target audience may be broad with a mix of healthcare providers, researchers, possibly patients and patient advocates in all parts of the world.  Our understanding of “immune tolerance” in chronic hepatitis B has been evolving, with continued debates on their clinical management and treatment. So, this webinar will help provide updates in broad perspective, scientific context and clinical implications. In this context, our stated learning objectives and expected outcomes are:

Learning Objectives:

Learners will be able to understand the underlying concept and controversies around the definition of immune tolerance, to inform their clinical care and education.

Learners will be able to apply these concepts to clinical monitoring, therapeutic decisions and patient education.

Expected program outcome:

Promote further open dialogue among international hepatology community regarding mechanisms and significance of apparent immune tolerance in HBV-infected patients

Increased scientific activities and knowledge with collaborations and funding on this topic


Webinar Recording
Open to view video.  |  78 minutes
Open to view video.  |  78 minutes The recording of the webinar presented live on Thursday, April 13, 2023 Presenters: Anna Suk-Fong Lok, MD, DSc (Hon), FAASLD, AGAF | Antonio Bertoletti, MD | Matteo Iannacone, MD, PhD | Simon C. Ling, MBChB, MRCP | Mark Richard Thursz, MD Moderators: Kyong-Mi Chang MD | Carla S. Coffin, MD, MSc Hosted by: Hepatitis B SIG