2019 AASLD/FDA DILI Conference Handouts

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The goal of the conference is to promote global elimination of hepatitis C infection. World leaders in the related disciplines will assemble to establish the current state of the science and public health challenges. The experts will then formulate the most effective future steps toward elimination.

Core Competencies:  

• Patient Care and Procedural Skills
• Provide Patient-centered Care
• Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice
• Medical Knowledge
• Work in Interdisciplinary Teams
• Practice-based Learning and Improvement
• Employ Evidence-based Practice
• Teams and Teamwork
• Professionalism
• Utilize Informatics
• Systems-based Practice 

Program Chairs:  

  • Mark I. Avigan, MD, CM
  • Robert J. Fontana, MD, FAASLD
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