2017 Webinar: Frailty the “Sixth Vital Sign” in Cirrhosis - How Do We Diagnose It and What Can We Do When We Find It?

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Recorded On: 08/31/2017

Frailty is a critical determinant of outcomes in patients with cirrhosis. In this webinar we will present practical methods to assess and quantify frailty in both the outpatient and inpatient clinical settings. We will also provide recommendations on specific interventions once frailty is identified.

Jody Olson (Moderator)

Dr. Jody Olson is currently an Assistant Professor in the departments of Internal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center and is primarily affiliated with the liver transplant program.  His clinical interests are centered on caring for patients with advanced liver disease in the inpatient and intensive care setting.  His research is focused on the critically ill liver disease patient, both acute and chronic and works in the area of acute-on-chronic liver failure.  In addition, he is the site primary investigator for the NIH sponsored United States Acute Liver Failure Study Group at the University of Kansas.

Jennifer C. Lai

Dr. Lai is a transplant hepatologist, Associate Professor In Residence at the University of California, San Francisco and Director of the UCSF Hepatology Clinical Research.

Her long-term mission is to help patients with end-stage liver disease survive to and thrive after liver transplantation. Her primary research focuses on integrating core geriatric principles, such as frailty and palliative care, into the day-to-day practice of hepatology and transplant medicine to improve the care of her patients. She is the founder and principal investigator of the NIH funded Functional Assessment in Liver Transplantation (FrAILT) Study, a multi-center collaboration aimed at investigating the impact of frailty on liver transplant outcomes. She serves as an Associate Editor for the American Journal of Transplantation and Editorial Board Member of Hepatology and Liver Transplantation journals, as well as a standing member of the FDA GI Drug Advisory Committee. In 2020, she was appointed chair the AASLD Practice Guidance on Frailty, Sarcopenia, and Malnutrition. In recognition of the importance of her work, Dr. Lai has been named a NIH Beeson Scholar in Aging Research by the National Institute on Aging and was awarded the American Gastroenterological Association Young Investigator Award in 2020.

Puneeta Tandon

Dr. Tandon is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of the Cirrhosis Care Clinic and Transplant Hepatologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She completed her Gastroenterology and Hepatology training at the University of Alberta with fellowships at Yale University and the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. Her clinical practice and research are focused on cirrhosis. Research interests include acute on chronic liver failure and its related complications, sarcopenia, frailty, nutrition, exercise therapy and the early integration of palliative care principles in cirrhosis.

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