2017 Global Forum: The Global Burden of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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Recorded On: 10/23/2017

NAFLD affects 24% of the adult population worldwide. Additionally, about 10% of children and adolescents may have NAFLD. NAFLD is closely associated with type 2 diabetes and obesity. A proportion of subjects with NAFLD and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) can develop progressive liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer. There are extensive efforts to develop non-invasive tests for NASH. Although no approved therapeutic options for NASH are yet available, a large number of clinical trials are underway. This forum will review, in all pertinent regions of the world, the current state of NAFLD with regard to its clinical and epidemiologic burden and discuss knowledge gaps, unmet needs and current clinical practice.  A secondary focus will be to foster global collaboration and exchange to reach a common objective to improve patient outcomes, decrease disease burden by NAFLD and how to prevent and treat NAFLD throughout the world.

Zobair M. Younossi

Frank Tacke

Barjesh C. Sharma

Marco Arrese

Hisham R. El Khayat

Miriam B. Vos

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