Emerging Topic Conference: The Genomics Revolution

Welcome! Claim your CME Certificate and or ABIM or ABP MOC points,which are earned based on each session you have completed onsite. 

Please read ALL instructions before you begin claiming your CME, and if applicable ABIM MOC or ABP MOC points.

How to access your CME Certificate from the Emerging Topic Conference: The Genomics Revolution.

1. Log into LiverLearning®. Please remember to login with your AASLD username and password.

2. For ABIM or ABP MOC, ensure your ABIM ID and birthday (month/day) are in your LiverLearning® Profile. It is between “Home” and “My Dashboard” in the left navigation box. (Note: Once you update your Profile, click “Save” and then click the “Back” button in your web browser to get back into the activity.)

3. Scroll down to “Sessions and Evaluations” and click the link to begin the evaluation process. 

4. Complete the overall conference experience evaluation. This step must be completed before moving forward to receive your Certificate of Attendance, claim CME and or claim ABIM or ABP MOC points.

5. Print your Certificate of Attendance. This is proof of attending the conference for your records.

6. Attest to EACH session you attended at the conference. You will simply click on the session you attended, attest and receive credit. 

7. Once you have attested to sessions attended:
     a. Click “View CME certificate” tab to return to the Emerging Topic Conference: The Genomics of Revolution Live Conference homepage to earn your ABIM or ABP MOC points; or
     b. Retrieve your CME certificate. (Note: Credits earned will be applied to your cohesive CME Certificate comprising all sessions completed.)

8. Click the link in the “Maintenance of Certification” box to earn your ABIM or ABP MOC points. 

9. Print your CME certificate at any time following the conference by clicking the CME Certificate box.

CME Certificate

No credit information is available until you log in.