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Development and External Validation of Prognostic Nomogram for Acute Decompensation of Chronic Hepatitis B Cirrhosis
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β-catenin and IL-1β dependent CXCL10 production drives progression of disease in a mouse model of Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis
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HNF4α Gene Signature Can Accurately Predict Stage Specific Disease Progression In Cirrhosis And Hepatocellular Carcinoma
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Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 (HSF1), a key cellular proteostasis regulator, is crucial for resolution of liver fibrosis in mice
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ω3 polyunsaturated fatty acids(PUFA) lipid emulsions are safe and effective to reduce endotoxemia and sepsis in patients with Acute on Chronic Liver Failure -A randomised controlled trial.(NCT 02691533)
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Prediction of Fungal Infection Development and Their Impact on Survival using the NACSELD Cohort
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Application of human NASH-based transcriptome and metabolome profiles in preclinical models for the translational study of drug effects on liver fibrosis
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Down-regulation of hepatic MBOAT7 by hyperinsulinemia favors steatosis development
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Responding to metabolic demand: Key role for Thioesterase superfamily member 2 in the hepatic partitioning of fatty acids between oxidative and synthetic pathways
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Autophagic changes of both adipose tissues and the liver induced by high fat diet feeding contribute to hepatic lipid accumulation
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Level of a Prototypical Splicing Factor is Severely Diminished in Hepatocytes of Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Patients
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