2022 Webinar: Going Beyond the Statement: Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Hepatology
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The purpose of this webinar is to discuss action items for the AASLD and academic institutions. These action items will focus on efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of the hepatology continuum, including the hepatology work force as well as racial disparities in hepatology care. The webinar will include a formal 10-minute overview of the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion and another 10-minute formal presentation on proposed future directions outlined in the white paper. There will then be a 20-minute moderated discussion between panelist discussing perceived and actual barriers to these action items. The webinar will conclude with a 10-minute question and answer portion involving all faculty.

Be sure to check out the additional resources in the Handouts section.
Webinar hosted by the Inclusion and Diversity Committee on Wednesday, February 23, 2021.
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