2022 Webinar: The Art and Science of Managing Acute on Chronic Liver Failure
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In this webinar, we will introduce a case-based presentation focused on management principles for the patient with Acute on Chronic Liver Failure. Specific scenarios include whom to transplant, along with a discussion on the various international assessment systems (NACSELD, CLIF-ACLF, AARC ACLF). We will also discuss the impact of frailty, deconditioning and sarcopenia in hospitalized patients with ACLF. We will evaluate common challenging clinical scenarios such as unexplained leukocytosis, acute renal failure, and others. Finally, how to integrate a multidisciplinary team approach to the care of these patients with a focus on a Concurrent Care Model with Palliative Medicine.
Webinar hosted by the Acute on Chronic Liver Failure Special Interest Group on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.
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