2021 Webinar: The Use of Quantitative HBsAg in Clinical Practice
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Quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen has been available globally for over two decades and has been used in a variety of natural history publications, clinical research trials as well as drug development. There is extensive peer reviewed literature on the use of quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen, clinically, yet the international guidelines have not yet included quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen as either a recommendation and this tool is barely mentioned in these documents. The community is in great need of clinical guidance on how to use quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen since the test is now clinically and commercially available in most parts of the world and is a laboratory determined test in the United States through labs such as LabCorp and Quest. Clinical utility includes stratifying patients risk for liver cancer, viral transmission MTCT, on treatment response to medications and natural history of hepatitis B including the clearance of hepatitis B surface antigen, the current gold standard for association with improved clinical outcomes. Quantitative surface antigen could also be used to help stratify patients clinical status and phase of disease. A webinar focused on hepatitis B surface antigen quantification would be of great utility to the provider and patient community.
Webinar hosted by the Hepatitis B Special Interest Group on August 26, 2021.
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