Liver Fibrosis SIG and Liver Cell Biology SIG Program: Metabolic Reprogramming of Liver Cells as a Driving Force in Liver Fibrosis. PART 2
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This joint SIG program, organized by Liver Cell Biology and Liver Fibrosis SIGs, is focusing around evolving understanding that metabolic derangements in liver cells are important drivers of disease and fibrosis in particular. First part of the session will set the stage with general overview of new data on metabolic changes at the organ level and in hepatocytes, as a specialized metabolic cell. In the second part, audience will learn about recent discoveries on specific metabolic reprograming in non-parenchymal cells, metabolism of which until recently was not recognized as a functional modulator of liver fibrosis.
liver injury
lipid metabolism
hepatic stellate cells
extracellular vesicle
histone lactylation
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