Liver Cancer SIG and Pediatric Liver Disorders SIG Program: Pediatric Liver Cancers: From Mechanisms to Treatment. PART 1: Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis
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This joint SIG Program is developed in collaboration by the Liver Cancer and Pediatric Liver Disorders SIGs in an effort to highlight state of the art research eludicating multiple pathways of the paticcarcinogenesis and how these findings have informed the selection of established and emerging medical therapies. Highlighting the program will be lectures on molecular and subtypes of pediatric liver tumors and their correlation with clinicohistopathologic features, mechanisms of treatment resistance in hepatoblastoma, current clinical guidelines in the treatment of pediatric liver cancer, novel therapeutic targets and patient/family priorities in their clinical care.
pediatric liver cancers
histological subtyping
genetic testing
targeted treatment
Wnt-beta-catenin pathway
11p15 alteration
tumor microenvironment
HSF1 inhibition
germline genetic testing
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